Job Detail

Reference: MG-127
Experience: Min. 15 Years
Location: Lebanon
Full Time

Job Description

Scope of work:

  • Effectively to act as scaled-down CEOs, overseeing the daily operations of a business segment, department, or stand-alone retail location.
  • Ensure strategic goals are met by setting operational policies, creating, and maintaining budgets, managing employees, developing, expanding and growing the business.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Business Strategy
    - Researching, identifying, developing and implementing growth opportunities & strategies.
    - Seeking constantly for expansion options.
    - Creating new ideas that leads to business development.
    - Creating and managing financial budgets.
    - Enlarging the product portfolio and offerings.
    - Developing and implementing yearly tactical action plans.
    - Dealing with tough business time to ensure continuity.
  • Financial Planning
    - Developing and managing financial budget, feasibility studies and ROI simulations.
    - Forecasting, monitoring and managing cash flow & payments.
    - Analyzing Profit and Loss statements: taking decisions on setting selling prices –increasing sales - and cutting cost.
    - Costing the products, setting the pricing structure and margins in coherence with the budget and other operating expenses.
  • Sales Tracking
    - Maintaining a proactive and positive sales / service approach.
    - Coordinating with different departments to get the job done for the benefit of both company and customer.
    - Bonding contact with all clients to ensure high levels of Client Satisfaction.
    - Overseeing client’s relationship: yearly contracts – consignment agreements…
    - Initiating monthly sales reports of Company’s brand – studying the variations and come up with strategies to keep on building the sales trends.
    - Aligning the actual sales figures with the budgeted figures through:
      * Monitoring FDC monthly sales, scheduling regular meetings, setting yearly targets and action plans…
      * Monitoring the sales of C&G Franchisees.
      * Expanding the sales and growth of Company’s distributors.
      * Solving problems creatively and demonstrating high integrity and efficiency.
      * Scheduling strict collection process in direct coordination with the Chief Accountant.
  • Warehouse operations monitoring
    - Observing the physical status of the warehouse in terms of cleanliness and hygiene.
    - Practicing proper stock management techniques:
    - Setting and monitoring Par levels.
    - Avoid stock outs and expired items.
    - Managing slow moving items.
    - Tracking the coffee machines stock.
    - Tracking the stock level of imported items and preparing related orders accordingly.
    - Issuing related end of period reports and investigating variances and discrepancies.
  • Purchasing, production and maintenance management
    - Being the main contact of all international vendors.
    - Negotiating and placing the right quality & quantity at the right time: taking into consideration lead time for production and shipping.
    - Outsourcing new skus…
    - Following up on the actual work flow under ISO certification.
    - Providing leadership and direction for maintenance improvements.
    - Utilizing maintenance management system and effectively planning preventative, predictive and repair maintenance.
    - Providing direction and solutions for complex problems that arise and offering ongoing technical expertise.
  • Personnel Management
    - Promoting a positive team work spirit, leading by example.
    - Managing the recruitment process: Interviewing – screening – hiring – firing -developing related JDs and employment contracts.
    - Overseeing the employees grooming and physical appearance.
    - Rewarding and / or taking corrective measures with employees when needed following performance and productivity.
    - Controlling the employees’ attendance, schedules, and leaves…
    - Resolving internal staff conflicts efficiently and to the mutual benefit of those involved.
    - Holding regular employees’ meetings and reporting the feedback to the management.
    - Developing incentive plans and related key performances indicators.
  • Commitment
    - Protecting the organization's value by keeping information confidential.
    - Enhancing organization reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.
    - Abiding by the rules, regulations and adopting company’s values and behaviors.
    - Implementing management decisions and procedures.
    - Understanding the meaning of quality of service & quality of product.
    - Performing other job-related duties as assigned.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor in Business Administration or similar.
  • MBA is a Must.
  • 15+ years of experience in the F&B industry out of which minimum 3 in similar role.

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