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Accounting & Finance
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Accounting & Finance

Reference: AC-252
Job Title: Chief Accountant
Country: Lebanon
Experience: 10-15 Years
- Manage the day-to-day accounting and financial control activities of all "sal" and Offshore companies.
- Manage processing and consolidation of accounting transactions in compliance with the Group accounting policies and procedures.
- Assist and review the yearly Budget preparation in coordination with the Finance Director.
- Ensure that accounting systems, programs, processes, and reports, comply with the International Accounting Standards / Deep knowledge in IFRS.
- Analyze and control accounting transactions to determine accuracy and completeness of entries.
- Ensure that quarterly financial statements and consolidated report are submitted within the deadline.
- Ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of all activities related to accounting at the Group and report any issues to the Finance Director.
- Ensure monitoring debtors' accounts and maintenance of complete records and prompt collection of debts.
- Ensure payroll payments are effected and liaise with HR & Admin to clarify and/or resolve any payroll issues.
- Supervise the monthly closing of the General Ledger.
- Coordinate the relationship with external auditors to conduct the yearly audit work.
- Review corporate, staff income tax returns, VAT and NSSF calculation to ensure accuracy.
- Close all expense accounts at period end, and roll on all other accounts for the next period.
- Manage the credit (loans) to Business Lines.
- Monitor and mentor/train junior staff, and bookkeepers.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Bachelor degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Finance.
- Master degree is preferred.
- CFA and/or CPA and/or MCT is preferred.
- Fluency in English and Arabic.
- Microsoft Office 365 literate.
- Function specific experience: Accounting and Payroll.
- Experience in Contracting Industry.
- 10 to 15 years of experience.


Reference: AC-254
Job Title: Head of Controlling
Country: Lebanon
Experience: Min. 8 Years
Leads the controlling team and guides the process for planning and management control , provides transparency of business results, finance, processes and strategy and leads implementation of IFRS/HARP changes.

- Provide cost control, particularly in the reporting process, ensuring the proper application of rules (LHARP/IFRS) and the accuracy of reports as per the group guidance.
- Develop the company's overall business strategy: conduct strategic plans and assess risks and performance; Conduct research (macro/micro) and data analysis to inform business decisions.
- Lead Annual Risk Analysis of the company and develop action plan with relevant EXCO members.
- Lead the Mid term Plan and annual budget process and the monthly forecast and communicate to top management.
- Perform research and analysis necessary to understand the results, identifying problems and highlighting potential sources of progress to improve the performance of the company'.
- Provide value added in the analysis and presentation of results to management.
- Control the Board of directors, General Assemblies, and annual report material.
- Monitor the financial reporting in a timely manner according to the rules LHARP and IFRS
- Lead or participate various projects related to DAF.
- Supervise the activities of the reporting company BEM and provides on-going training of responsible local reporting.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Higher Diploma in Management or Accounting.
- CMA or relevant certification is a plus.
- Minimum 8 years in accounting, management control and / or financial audit.
- Exposed to Strategy and Risk management analysis.
- Communication, analytical skills, organized and accurate.
- Good knowledge in general and cost accounting (financial and management accounting) statutory +IFRS.


Reference: AC-255
Job Title: Head of Accounting
Country: Lebanon
Experience: Min. 7 Years
- The Head of Accounting is responsible for managing and overseeing the daily operations of the accounting department and ensuring that the organizations' financial records remain accurate while meeting reporting deadlines.
- He / she monitors and analyzes accounting data and produces financial reports and statements.

People Management:
- Ensure that the team deliver their duties and provide excellent levels of service to internal and external parties.
- Ensure well-being of the department and professional work environment.

Accounting Processing:
- Ensure accurate and timely preparation and submission of the company's financial statements and other related reports.
- Coordinate with the team to complete assigned accounting tasks within deadlines.
- Supervise all company's accounting transactions.
- Ensure proper adherence of the control procedure set by the Accounting and Finance manager.
- Perform month-end and year-end closing and ensure all reports are accurate and available on-time.
- Stay informed about all new rules, procedures and technologies introduced to accounting in addition to new legislations set by the regulator.
- Perform the calculation of IBNR and IBNER and PDR semi-annually and annually.
- Perform the Run Off claims calculation.
- Perform the control on the aging and calculate the bad debts provision.

- Ensure accurate and timely preparation and submission of the company's financial statements and other related reports.
- Prepare and submit reports requested by the Group Finance Controller.
- Prepare and submit all reports required by MOF and NSSF.
- Manage the company's fixed asset and develop policies and procedures to ensure accuracy.

- Assist and coordinate with the auditors during the audit cycle.
- Handle the financial reporting according to IAS 21 & 29 and any other form of IAS reports.
- Coordinate with the Actuarial department for the implementation of the IFRS 17.
- Develop an action plan to follow up on audit issues highlighted in the auditor reports.
- Responsible of contacts with external auditors.

- Audit and control the payroll process including taxes, end-of-service, NSSF calculations, etc.
- Control quarterly payment of stamps and municipal taxes.
- Control and analyze the payments of general expenses, general claims, commissions (Non-life).
- Control prepaid accruals and provisions.
- Communicate with Reinsurers to ensure proper reconciliations of accounts.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Bachelor Degree in Accounting, Finance, Audit or equivalent.
- Masters is a plus.
- Minimum 7 years of experience in Accounting and 1 year in a managerial role.
- Proficiency in English, French is a plus.
- Proficiency in Microsoft Office.
- Sets standards for quality and ensures best practice.
- Always questions and reviews the way things have been done to ensure that current processes and results continue to be relevant and add value.
- Partners with others to achieve a win-win result.
- Provides a role-model and promotes awareness, understanding and cooperation.
- Takes a problem solving approach and focuses on the needs of all parties by reaching agreements.
- Challenge employees to continually develop their current skills and knowledge provides opportunities to demonstrate individual competence.


Engineering & Technical

Reference: EN-187
Job Title: Business Head - Construction and Fit out
Country: Malta
Experience: Min. 10 Years
- The Business Head - Construction and Fit out has the overall responsibility to take the business to the next level, grow sales, manage the day-to-day operations, and drive operational efficiencies in the context of the group 2030 strategy underpinned by sustainability, quality, customer, innovation and execution.
- Full bottom-line ownership of the company.
- Build fruitful relationships with all stakeholders including existing and potential customers by meeting regularly and report on progress.
- Oversee the delivery of construction projects on-time, within budget in line with the high-quality standards of the organization through regular reviews to ensure work stays on track.
- Ensure at any point in time the safety and health of all workers at the construction work sites.
- Delegating work to senior colleagues and their teams.
- Set targets, objectives, and responsibilities for the team.
- Monitoring performance against agreed criteria.
- Ensuring contractual obligations are fulfilled.
- Dealing with contract disputes and mitigating the impact of any issues.
- Reporting to the board on company progress.
- Possess an aptitude towards creating a safe environment to himself and others.
- Be able to commit and provide quality to his/her line of work.
- Strive to create a customer-driven approach.
- Believe that teamwork makes work more efficient and leads to better productivity.
- Show respect and integrity at the workplace and able to work in a team.
- Believe that continuous professional development is the key to continue growing within the Company and keen to attend training as required.
- Cultivate a strong understanding of key social and environmental issues.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Bachelor degree in Management, Business or similar.
- Master degree is preferred.
- Minimum 10 Years of experience.
- Commercially driven and results oriented professional experience in a senior management position, preferably in the rapidly developing construction and real estate industries, with local or international contracting companies or projects.
- Strong communication skills in English.
- Proficiency in English and Maltese.
- Team Leadership / People management and supervisory skills to supervise a team.
- Organisational and planning skills.
- Problem solving and decision-making skills.
- Time management and multitasking skills.
- Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
- Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
- Methodical approach to work, A sense of initiative, Accuracy, Assertiveness, Attention to detail, Business acumen, Diligence, Efficiency, Flexibility, Proactive and energetic attitude.
- An understanding of the local economic, business, and political context.
- Knowledge of the industry or sector the organisation is operating in.
- Knowledge of legislation relevant to the organisation.
- Strategic mindset.
- Financial and Project management skills.
- Public relations and presentation skills.
- An understanding of different fields including communications and human resources management.
- Fluent in MS Office applications (Word, Excel, etc.).
- Knowledge of health and safety procedures.


Reference: EN-188
Job Title: Quantity Surveyor / Cost Controller
Country: United Arab Emirates
Experience: Min. 7 Years
Performs a variety of tasks related to project payments, budgeting, cash flow analysis and forecasting, cost tracking of multiple projects, administration expenses, etc.

1. Preparation and Update of Project Cash Flow
- Prepare baseline cash flow for the project upon award based on the payment terms of the contract, and budget input from the Sales/Estimation Department.
- Prepare monthly cash flow updates based on cost incurred from Accounts Department, planned and actual progress from Operations / Planning Department and Engineering Department; material delivery status from the Procurement Department; planned and actual fabrication progress from Production; and planned and actual installation progress from the Planner and Project Manager (mhs planned and actual).
- Assess the Cash IN/Cash OUT performance of the project.

2. Project Cost Control
- Initiate a cost monitoring sheet showing all items of expenditure on the project in coordination with the Sales/Estimation Department and the Procurement Department.
- Monitor all Purchase Orders placed by the Procurement Department against budgeted quantities and balance quantities to order.
- Follow-up with Accounts Department and log the costs incurred for MH incurred for PM, Engineering, Fabrication, and Installation.
- Monitor incurred costs with respect to the initial budgeted price for the project and prepare a summary Cost Control sheet for every project showing the total costs incurred, total amount paid, and the costs to complete the project after obtaining the needed information from relevant departments.
- Coordinate with the Accounts Department as needed for miscellaneous costs incurred.

3. Preparation/Review of Progress Payments and Follow-up for Payment
- Coordinate with Client Quantity Surveyor to prepare Interim Payment Application (IPA) format based on payment terms of the contract.
- Coordinate with Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, and Installation (PM) in order to prepare monthly IPA's based on progress information received.
- Follow-up with the Client on the Interim Payment Certificate (IPC) based on the due dates in the agreement. Review the IPC once received from the Client.
- Maintain an up to date payment tracker for Interim Payment Applications, Interim Payment Certificates, Payments, Overdue Certifications and Overdue Payments.
- Notify the Commercial Manager when Interim Payment Certifications and payments are overdue and prepare official correspondence based on the provisions of the contract.

4. Valuation of Variations
- Maintain a Variation Log for each project to include approved and unapproved variations.
- Coordinate between the Engineering and Sales/Estimation Departments for the definition and valuation of all instructions for variation and follow-up with the Sales/Estimation Department for conclusion of the valuation.
- Prepare correspondences for submission of the variations in accordance with the provisions of the Contract and follow-up with the Client for their assessment and closure.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- BSc. Quantity Surveying or BE. Engineering (civil, mechanical, electrical, industrial).
- 7+ years Cost Control experience for a contractor (facades contractor preferable).
- Ability to follow up with both internal and external stakeholders for input to reports and resolution of conflicts.
- Ability to analyze the financial performance of a project.
- Ability to understand contract procedures and mechanisms for payment, variations, and claims.
- Good proficiency using Microsoft Excel and Word required.
- Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of sometimes stressful situations.
- Proficiency in spoken and written English language.
- Good knowledge and understanding of cash flows, payment applications, statements of account, variations, EOT claims, and cost control.
- Good knowledge and understanding of cost control software.
- Continuous cost monitoring and cost analysis reporting.
- Monthly reports: Cash Flow, Payment Tracker, Cost Control (including Cost to Complete).
- Interim Payment Applications (IPA's) - if needed.


Reference: EN-189
Job Title: Lead Mechanical Engineer
Country: Lebanon
Experience: 6-8 Years
Scope of work:
- Preparation & design drawings & reports related to pumping stations, water supply networks, sewage, plumbing & HVAC.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering .
- 6 to 8 years of professional experience.
- Excellent knowledge in Design of major pumping stations, water transfer pipelines, surge analysis, pipes stress analysis, hydraulic philosophies, pumps selection, etc...
- Proven experience of similar nature with Consulting Firms.
- Excellent Technical background including regulation requirements.
- Excellent people and communication skills.
- Excellent Command of the Arabic and English languages.
- Previous Experience in Saudi Arabian Projects.


Reference: EN-190
Job Title: Landscape Architect
Country: Lebanon
Experience: 6-8 Years
Scope of work:
Responsible for planning, design development and co-ordination of Landscape (Soft & Hard) design projects from programming phase through completion of bidding documents.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Bachelor's degree in Landscape Architecture.
- 6 to 8 years of professional experience.
- Excellent knowledge in Landscaping Design
- Proven experience of similar nature with Consulting Firms.
- Excellent Technical background including preparing designs and conceptual plans for site layout, outdoor spacing, planting, grading, walkways, fountains, and new plants.
- Awareness of Landscape topics such as plants and their ability to survive in an area, guidelines and codes, in addition to Local and international Landscaping design codes and standards.
- Excellent people and communication skills.
- Excellent Command of the Arabic and English languages.


Reference: EN-191
Job Title: Urban Design Planner
Country: Lebanon
Experience: Min. 10 Years
Scope of work:
Responsible for planning, design development and co-ordination of design projects from programming phase through completion of bidding documents.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Bachelor's degree in Urban Planning.
- Minimum 10 years of professional experience.
- Excellent knowledge in Urban Design and Urban Planning.
- Proven experience of similar nature with Consulting Firms.
- Excellent Technical background including strategic planning, development or master planning.
- Awareness of factors affecting land use and community development including economic, socio-demographic, legal, political, cultural, physical and environmental.
- Excellent people and communication skills.
- Excellent Command of the Arabic and English languages.



Reference: IN-74
Job Title: Claims Manager
Country: Lebanon
Experience: Min. 8 Years
The Claims Manager is responsible for managing and overseeing the claims team across geographies. The Claims Manager is also responsible for managing the relationship with external examiners and adjusters. He/she manages the processing units, including the timely and proper disposition of claims in accordance with coverage amounts and ensures complete and sound claim settlements, legal reviews and investigations in accordance with the defined policies and procedures.

- The Claims Manager leads the claims team that is responsible for the management of the claims received from the cedants and the coordination with the reinsurers.
- He is responsible for ensuring there is a timely and proper disposition of claims in accordance with coverage, appraisal and verifiable damage as well as the timely update of the organization claims system.
- He is responsible for ensuring complete and sound claim settlements and coordinates with the finance team regarding the collection and settlements.
- He is responsible for coordination and collaboration with third party examiners and adjusters.
- He has the mandate of studying the feasibility and implementing new solutions and automated workflows to increase the efficiency of the claims management processes.
- He is in charge of maintaining the organization's reputation when it comes to efficient and speedy claim settlement.
- He has the mandate of analyzing the claims portfolio on a timely basis and provides strategic input to the broking team to allow them to better advise clients, as well as reinsurers, on risk exposures and how to better allocate and manage risks.
- Refers significant and complicated claims to the Senior Claims advisor for technical review and support.
- Coach and support the claim's team.
- Work hand in hand with the quality assurance, finance and broking team to develop an efficient end to end process.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Bachelor degree, Masters is a plus.
- Minimum 8 years of experience in claims management within the insurance and reinsurance industry.
- Ability to build strong working relationships with business unit heads.
- Ability to creatively resolve unique and challenging business problems and deal with ambiguous situations and issues.
- Strong track record leading process optimization and efficiency initiatives.
- Effective management skills to be able to balance multiple inquiries and competing demands.
- Established credibility and reputation with both cedants and reinsurers.
- Deep understanding of the organization's products and services.


Sales & Marketing

Reference: SM-306
Job Title: Business Development Manager
Country: Lebanon
Experience: Min 10 Years
- The Business Development Manager will have the ability and vision of the business to set up effective long-term strategies and direction that successfully navigates the start-up business through competitive waters.
- This includes significant development of new clients to sell company's logistics and supply chain services, as well as building strong/long-term customer relations.
- Duties and responsibilities include formulating policies, identifying, and managing new and existing customers, overseeing daily operations including general sales and sales forecasting, planning the use of materials and staff, and responsibility for the general health and safety standards of the facility.

1- Strategic
- Completion, filing and reporting of all required business forms, licenses and other legal documents required in the establishment and conduct of the business entity.
- Research, initiate and develop new business opportunities in line with Company's aims and objectives.
- Devise and implement a strategic plan for the division focusing on business development, marketing, sales and transport opportunities in line with the company goals and objectives.
- Devise and implement a communications strategy in line with the company goals and objectives.
- Ensure the quality standards for the division are set, communicated, and followed effectively within the division.
- Establish and maintain good communication channels with customers and colleagues in the organisation and establish relationships based on trust to generate new business.
- Direct and coordinate the company's financial and budget activities to fund operations, increase efficiency and deliver on agreed upon financial goals. Help prepare financial reports as needed by the Group and Corporate Finance Department.

- Build and maintain senior level client relationships and strong internal and external networks.
- Lead and manage the overall marketing, sales, and transportation logistics.
- Ensure that delegated activities, responsibilities, authorities, and accountabilities of all direct reports are defined, understood and monitored.
- Ensure that new members of staff are appropriately inducted into the division.
- Conduct regular performance reviews with all employees.
- Deal with disciplinary issues as they arise.
- Ensure all deadlines are met by the divisions.
- Resolve problems as they arise.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Bachelor degree in Supply Chain Management, Business or any other relevant field.
- Master's degree is a must.
- Specialized shipping and freight forwarding certificates are an advantage.
- 1O+ years experience in sales of international freight forwarding services.
- A minimum of 5 years experience in a managerial role.
- In depth understanding of the Shipping and International Freight Forwarding Industry.
- In depth understanding of marketing and sales strategies.
- Working knowledge of different shipping and freight forwarding systems.
- Fluent Arabic and English as business language.
- Excellent communication skills.
- Industry Knowledge and ability to present related information in a way that makes sense to all audiences, organisations and/or groups to foster full appreciation for offered services.
- Capability to build good relationships with customers at all levels.
- Strong problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
- A good team player.


Senior Management

Reference: SM-308
Job Title: Senior Marketing Manager
Country: Lebanon
Experience: 8-9 Years
Digital Marketing:
- Plan and execute all digital marketing, including SEO/SEM, marketing database, email, social media and display advertising campaigns.
- Design, build and maintain our social media presence.
- Measure and report performance of all digital marketing campaigns, and assess against goals (ROI and KPIs).
- Identify trends and insights, and optimize spend and performance based on the insights.
- Collaborate with agencies and other vendor partners.
- Collaborate with internal teams to create landing pages and optimize user experience.

Trading Marketing:
-Negotiating pricing with vendors to ensure that products are sold at the best possible price while maintaining profitability.
- Developing marketing campaigns and promotional strategies based on product features and target markets.
- Developing pricing strategies to increase sales of a product without sacrificing profit margins.
- Managing the company's relationship with suppliers, including negotiating contracts and managing inventory levels.
- Identifying potential new markets for the company's products or services via research, analysis, and meetings with potential clients.

Medical Marketing:
- Provide input and implement and execute comprehensive segment specific marketing/development plan based on understanding of professional and consumer trends to drive sustained growth of the brand and organization.
- Develop go-to-market strategy for designated segment responsibilities.
- Product launch - plan the launch of new products and releases and manage the cross-functional implementation of the plan.
- Annual sales planning process for respective product / segment responsibilities.
- Actively plan and modify as needed.
- Develop pricing strategy for the full range and the proper price increase whenever needed.
- Managing the entire range life cycle from strategic planning to tactical activities
- Budget Planning & monitoring to ensure budget resources are used appropriately & accordingly to the promo-plan.
- Create marketing presentations.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- BS/MS degree in Marketing or Medical or a related field.
- 8 to 9 years of experience.
- Strong analytical skills and data-driven thinking.
- People management skills to interact with staff, colleagues and cross-functional teams, and third parties.